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Training Exercises

If you'd like to use the training exercises independently of any formal training, do the following:

  • Check the FL-Islandora test server's training collection to determine if any examples are currently in use: (Click on this link. If you don't see a Birds or Cats or Dogs collection download any of the instructions and images below and begin the exercises.)
  • If a set of examples is in use (e.g., you see a collection named "[someone's]Cats Collection" then select a different set of instructions and images. Examples cannot be loaded twice and must be deleted at the end of a training session to allow other users to use them.)
  • Please be sure to delete any objects and collections you've created during a training session to allow other users to use the examples.
  • If you experience any problems with the training exercises please contact the FLVC Help Desk.

Quick Start Training exercises/handouts (select a Collection/set of examples that doesn't currently exists on the Islandora Test server):

Video Recordings of Training Sessions

Spring 2016 training session

Fall 2013 training sessions

Links to recordings of Islandora Training Sessions

The following links lead to recordings of Islandora training sessions. They are not training videos as such, but rather recordings of live training sessions done via AdobeConnect or Blackboard Collaborate.

Cohort 2 Training

Cohort 1 Training

Follow-up notes by Priscilla on Training Part III, posted 11/13/2013

1. When I put an Object Viewing policy on Penguins the object remained in the index for public viewing. This is because a configuration option was set wrong on islandora7t. It has been corrected and Object Viewing policies correctly suppress objects from indexing now. You can play with it in islandora7t.

2. When I created an Audio object with Simple MODS, the defaults in the template did not take effect. This is because I associated the template with Full MODS and Audio. When created with Full MODS you can see the defaults.

3. The template I used to provide audio defaults is attached. To make your own template, keep the stuff at the top of the audio template and insert whatever XML you want to default. If unsure what the XML should look like, create a MODS record online that contains the fields and values you want defaulted. Then go to that object and click Manage, Datastreams, and download the MODS record you just made. You can copy and paste the XML from that. As always, if you need help, put in a ticket.

4. Mike thought I was unclear about this, so just to reiterate – when you change a collection name using Manage, Properties, it does NOT also change the collection PID. The PID always stays the same.

Video training for exporting XML from Excel

  • Title: Workflow: From spreadsheet to Islandora, Recorded 2/2014
  • Note: This workflow is not longer in use, and is superseded by the Excel to MODS Transformer service.

2014 Regional Meetings presentation and handouts

Note: this info is no longer current. If your institution is interested in having an FL-Islandora site, the following links will provide you with information about getting started:

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