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Available Solution Packs

The following Solution Packs are available for installation:

Solution Packs under Development

These Solution Packs are in development:

Potential Solution Packs

Features being developed elsewhere that may become Solution Packs:

  • Oral history (by UCLA contract to DGI due 6/2013, will be integrated into Islandora Core no ETA)
  • IR access permissions (by CARL contract to DGI, they think will be integrated into Islandora Core no ETA)
  • IR submission/approval workflow (by CARL contract to DG, still in process)
  • Related images (by CARL)
  • GIS:

After Mark’s summing up of Islandora Camp last week I got to thinking about the ‘more geo stuff’ part. Thise who saw my talk will know that we have to comply with the EU Inspire Directive which is all about geospatial data, all our research data must be compatible with this and therefore uses the ISO19100 series of standards.

We had intended to make use of Open Geo Suite as a part of our project, this is the open source suite of tools developed by the same people who developed GML, KML and GeoRSS (, it’s really simple to install, so I’m now thinking about how to make use of it in an Islandora GIS Solution Pack, would anyone else be interested in this? It would be something we’d not be in a position to begin work on until next spring but in the meantime I’d be happy to collect use-cases for such a project.

Dr Michael Haft Bioinformatics and Web Development Manager Tel: +44(0)1539487716 Fax: +44(0)1539446914 Email:

  • WARC

A little while back I created a Web ARCive Solution Pack[1]. This particular solution pack provides the necessary Fedora objects for persisting and disseminating web archive objects; warc files.

This is just Drupal 6 right now. I can work on a Drupal 7 version soonish. The caveat to using the Drupal 6 version of this module is the mimetype support. It looks like the Drupal 6 API (file_get_mimetype[2]) doesn't pull the correct mimetype for warc file. I should get 'application/warc' but I am getting 'application/octet-stream' -- the fallback default for the api.

The SP allows a user to upload warc with an associated MODS record. Once the object is deposited, the associated metadata is displayed along with a download link to the warc file.

Dissemination is a little tricky here since the AIP and DIP object are the same thing. Informed my a couple conversations with researchers who are working with warcs, I'd like to make the warc available for download. (One dissemination option.) The other dissemination option I'd like to incorporate is the Wayback machine: 1) iFrame a Wayback Machine page of a given warc in the object tab (dont't like this idea so much) or 2) look at this with an archival lens using a collection object for a site that is harvested, and linking out to a Wayback machine query for that site which lists all of the dates available, then the collection object would hold all of the individual warc objects.

If I am doing something obviously wrong, please let me know! OR, if you have comments, critiques, share away here. Also, feel free to fork, commit, etc.

[1] [2]

Nick Ruest <>

Other Potential Shared Specification or Development

  • CARL interested in VRA Core form

Other Islandoras

Hamburger Zentrum für Sprachkorpora

University of Toronto

From presentation at Islandora Camp:

front page = "Galleria" module highlighting some nice images and a way to enter the collection question: are those pulled from Fedora or cached in Drupal (answer: uploaded them to Drupal so we can show in views, then a rewrite of the URL to link to collection item)

did a lot of customization of search: wanted to have all the items on the search results site, cleaned out the DC, made titles linkable, have collection linkable, and have filters on the left nav [CN note: wonder if we can get the code for this?]

all the collections are stand-alone websites. some collections have child collections, some not.

we really wanted to define subjects for each object to allow search and browse by subject. did some work to filter by subject and date. we want to add that within collections, but not there yet. typically I would create views and sort and filter by fields, with list or grid. but that didn't work - so we did the same thing with Solr boolean searches and just linking them. (little bit crazy but does the job). we did the same for subjects - make a hard-coded link to the Solr search from a browse page.

module called colorbox is a lightbox (?) in drupal, and the caption pops up on hover. When there's an item with more than one image in a row, the lightbox has a next-back arrow to get to images.

did a lot of customization of search: wanted to have all the items on the search results site, cleaned out the DC, made titles linkable, have collection linkable, and have filters on the left nav [CN note: wonder if we can get the code for this?]

E-pistemetec (a project of the European Union)

From an email by Lucca Secchi <>:

Me and my team have based on Islandora an entire Digital Library project called E-pistemetec, founded by European Union. The work was carried out by Cybersar Consortium as the technological partner of the project. To satisfy the E-pistemetec project requirements we've successfully synchronized drupal nodes with fedora objects metadata. This approach allowed us to use all Drupal features and strength to build our front-end site:

   views3 to list content in a Drupal way
   apachesolr drupal module + views 3 integration to present user with a full faceted search interface and related content
   native drupal theming
   multilingual (translation not completed in all languages)
   content emedding in nodes (only on  private community sites)
   content relation at the front-end layer using node relations
   voting (only on  private community sites)

We've also delpoyed a completly distributed Fedora/Drupal architecture with islandora ingest sites and dedicated user front-end sites, dedicated JPEG2000 conversion machines and distributed filesystem using Aegir to handle drupal components deployment and administration. We also developed a batch ingestion procedure entirely based on a Feeds module parser and processor. The related code will be released soon as open source.

Take a look at the result: (the site translation process is not yet completed)

We've presented our custom module (islandora_sync) during Islandora Camp 2011 ( The code is able to synchronize one or more drupal frontend sites with a central fedora repository. We synchronize our specific metadata datastream (MAG) but the approach can be extended and generalized. Our modules were developed against an old version of islandora codebase (Release candidate 2). The code is published on github:

We hope to write a more in depth post on our project architecture in the near future. The E-pistemetec project is finished but a spin off has been carried on by a startup called Linkalab ( and the project team (Mauro Mascia, Gian Mario Mereu, Dunia Basci and me) is there to stay. We hope to be able to contribute back to the community an updated version of the modules we already developed and are looking for founds to do it quickly.

UCLA (alpha)

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