ISG Testing Cycle 3

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Islandora Testing Cycle 3

On 4/30/13 the following changes were made to the Islandora Test server:

  • The "otherLogo" feature has been implemented (currently it requires uppercase codes). See 19. Specifications for “otherLogo” MODS element in for agreed-upon specifications.
  • Facets display only 3 headings and the font has been made smaller.
  • Additional fields to the Advanced Search pulldown. Note that the text in parentheses is temporary and is intended to clarify the contents of the search option during the testing phase. (Please send suggestions for other fields to add to Advanced Search.)
  • Words containing diacritical characters can now be search both by keying in the diacritical characters as a search term and by keying the non-accented characters.
  • Additional search results sort fields have been added: Relevancy, Author, Title.
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