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Details of Islandora Test Server Installation 2/05/13



New features since previous Testing Cycle

  • Large Image accepts JP2000 for source image
  • Large Image uses seadragon for pan/zoom
  • Basic Image accepts archival TIFF for source image, displays JPEG
  • Basic Image archival TIFF not patron-accessible
  • PDF in-line presentation for supported browsers (any browser with PDF plug-in should work)
  • Full MODS metadata kept in object datastreams
  • Basic Islandora theme has been developed and installed for site as a starting point.
  • MARCXML is produced from MODS source metadata (See MARCXML Support - DGI)
  • MARCXML source metadata can be loaded and produces MODS metadata.

Known problems:

  • The MODS full edit form is incomplete, pending finalizing of the required elements and implementation in the form.
  • All roles have access to the object properties (should be fixed in 7.0)
  • If a submitter tries to edit metadata for an object that they do not own they'll be shown the form but will receive an error on submit. This will require some in-house development to fix.
  • All roles have access to permissions that allow them to delete items. Role permission should be fixed in 7.0
  • MARCXML source metadata transformation to MODS needs refinements.

Testing Instructions

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