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As of Fall 2018, information on this wiki is no longer maintained. Current Florida Islandora and Islandora SubGroup (ISG) agendas and meeting recordings are maintained at


The following ISG meeting notes were copied from the DISC wiki on 10/01/2013:


October 1, 2013


Intro - (Lee)

  • Idea of 3 tracks, bringing people up in to sites - Lee
    • Having your own site will help working on requirements, testing, etc.
  • Review of wiki info. (pubwiki: public information about the islandora project; disc about the ISG group work) Lydia
  • Review of log in to Islandora7t, that everyone has Lydia
  • Homework assignments Lydia

Track 1 - (Katie or Jean and Lydia)

  • Katie/Jean - what it took us to be ready
    • Collections
    • Training and Documentation
  • Lydia - current status
    • Who is next?
    • What it means to go next
    • Cohorts

Track 2 - (Lydia)

  • Lydia - DigiTool migration update
  • Katie - FSU’s experience with migration schedules

Track 3 - (Jean and Priscilla)

  • Module status
  • How DGI priorities work
  • What is available in Islandora7t
  • How to create collection
    • Assignment: Create Institution test collection.

September 17, 2013

Recording from today's call:

Notes from today's meeting:

1. Moving forward with the DigiTool to Islandora migration

2. A discussion of the structure of the Islandora PALMM test site in preparation for making eventual recommendations to DISC

Moving forward with the DigiTool to Islandora migration

Because we need to continue with the DigiTool to Islandora migration while a discussion of Islandora PALMM is underway, we decided to move forward as follows:

  • Materials currently in PALMM will migrate from DigiTool into individual institutions’ Islandora sites, and at the same time will be assigned existing PALMM collection codes for display in the Islandora PALMM site. For example, FSU FHP materials are loaded into the FSU Islandora site and at the same time are loaded with the palmm:fhp collection code and display on the PALMM site.
  • Materials not currently in PALMM will be migrated to individual institutions’ Islandora sites, and at the same time will be assigned collection codes that will result in them displaying on the Islandora PALMM site under the university’s top-level collection.

Notes and follow-up from the Islandora PALMM test site discussion

  • It was decided that an Islandora PALMM “browse view” of collections would always be desirable, even if we eventually decide that an initial landing page geared toward searching would be useful.
  • Changes to the Islandora PALMM test site ( resulting from today’s discussion, to inform future discussions of the Islandora PALMM “browse view” of collections :
    • A top-level “Florida Collections” collection was created
    • All Florida-related PALMM collection objects were moved under “Florida Collections” to inform further discussions.
    • The top-level “Yiddish Children’s Books” collection was moved under the “Literature for Children” collection.
    • It was decided that we’d create a page on the DISC wiki where links to interesting digital library landing pages could be collected for consideration as ISG discusses the Islandora PALMM site. I’ve created that page, “Examples of other digital library landing pages on the DISC Islandora Project page:

The next ISG call will be held Tuesday, October 1, at 1pm

Homework from today’s call:

September 10, 2013

Recording of this call: Agenda:

  • Discussion of Islandora PALMM site in preparation for DISC call 9/11. Test site:

September 3, 2013


  • Update on PALMM7t site: still considering suggestions from 8/27 ISG call and working through a prototype of top-level collections.
  • Identifying candidates for next Islandora sites
  • Upcoming development

August 27, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • Highlighting sort options: the sort option in effect is now bolded. Is that sufficient?
  • The test PALMM site:
    • This is a read-only site
    • All objects displayed on the site are maintained in institutional sites ( and
    • Establishing top-level PALMM collections: should there be site-specific top-level collections, e.g., FSU Collection?

August 20, 2013

Recording of this call:

July 30, 2013


July 9, 2013

Recording of this call:

July 2, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • Tour of changes
  • TOC conversion

June 25, 2013

No ISG call today

June 18, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • FSU's proposed changes to the simple MODs form:
    1)      The subelements <form>, <extent> and <note> were added to <physicalDescription> (approved)
    2)      The <location> element with subelement <url> was added to the form.  This is in the Full MODS form but was not in simple MODS.(approved)
    3)      The label of the <abstract> element was changed from “Abstract/Description” to “Description”. (withdrawn)
    4)      Remove “Coordinates” and “Note” (withdrawn)
  • Discussion of making Islandora MODS record authoritative
  • Islandora to FDA possible methods: (see Question #24 in
    • 1: Deposit packages with pre-validated (via upcoming version of METS Editor) FDA SIP descriptors in ftp space for loading into Islandora and FDA.
    • 2: Load materials into Islandora via Islandora GUI and mark for export to FDA.
  • Progress on site
  • Finalizing fsu7t display
  • Update on new DGI development: expect permissions and embargo code by the end of the week.
  • Reminder re: METS structMap Best Practices document (comments due tomorrow): Draft document

June 11, 2013

Recording of this call:

FLVC work this week:

  • IA Bookreader changed from 1 page to 2 page display. This has its downside in the slider bar: when a chapter with an odd page number the hand points to the previous page. Examples:
  • Islandora architecture decisions:
    • institutional sites for loading all institution-owned materials
    • read-only PALMM site
  • Review of DigiTool materials' PURLs and process for updating PURLs during migration:
    • All Islandora materials will contain PURLs in LOCATION @URL.
    • The display will be as follows:
    PURLs will be loaded as follows:
    <location displayLabel=”purl”>
    <url displayLabel=””></url>
    The location displayLabel="purl" will trigger the display as follows:
    Persistent link to this record:
    (The field label "Persistent link to this record:" will be substituted for the non-PURL field label "Link:")
    In addition, we can create a default location/url@displayLabel that can be used as anchor text instead of the PURL.
    Example: <location displayLabel="purl">
    <url displayLabel="Electronic resource"></url>
    The above would display as:
    Persistent link to this record: Electronic resource
    For records containing both a PURL and another URL, both will display.
    Example MODS:
    <location displayLabel=”purl”>
    <url displayLabel=””></url>
    <location displayLabel=””>
    <url displayLabel=”David’s Roses”></url>
    Proposed display:
    Persistent link to this record:
    Link: David’s Roses
    During the conversion of DigiTool MARC records we plan to convert the MARC 856 as follows:
    * map 856 $y to location/url@displayLabel and to treat that as anchor text for the URL(text to display instead of the URL).
    * map 856 $z to location/url@note and to treat that as a display label for the URL (text to display after the URL/anchor text, as in Mango).
    * Use “Persistent link to this record” as the Islandora label.
    * If the MARC record already contains a PURL it will be retained, but if it does not we'll insert one.  (Remember: the DigiTool to Islandora conversion converts MARC records from DigiTool, not from Aleph, so not all of them will have PURLs.)

  • Proposal to make the Islandora MODS record the "authoritative" record to streamline maintenance (vs. Aleph MARC record)
  • Reminder of email re: Islandora service name
  • Upgrading Islandora code
  • FSU7t display changes? (

June 4, 2013

Recording of this call:

Changes to this week:

  • Facet heading changed to "NARROW RESULTS BY:"
  • A document "Format" field has been added to facets.
  • The "SEARCH THE REPOSITORY" banner has been modified.
  • A larger sample of records converted from DigiTool has been loaded
  • Loading of sample Books has begun, including a conversion of the METS file into JSON format for rendering a structured TOC.

DGI development for the June sprint:

  • Embargos (to enable ETD loading)
  • XACML permissions for user permissions.

Cleanup of DigiTool ingest_load directories.

Recent FLVC work:

  • Testing Compound Object Content Model
  • Developing requirements for Binary Object Content Model
  • Continued work on Books: testing TOC conversion program, focus on FSU-specific Books characteristics

May 21, 2013

FLVC work this week:

  • Setup of production server.
  • hostnames for sites on the production server. Recommendation: (where xxx would be an institution code such as fsu, fau, fiu, uf, ncf, etc.)
  • New features on the FSU test site.

May 14, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • Finalize collection-specific searching requirements
  • Decision on "Previous Searches" feature
  • Newspaper ALTO requirements
  • Meeting EAD requirements
  • Fields for inclusion in "E7. Assistance for search and navigation is provided through: (a) Alternate suggestions when no results found".
  • TEI-encoded full text requirement
  • Status of Islandora multi-language support
  • New display features on FSU site?

May 7, 2013

Recording of this call: FLVC work this week:

  • Focus on details of additional development.
  • Set up of FSU site and possible theming/display changes:
  • Development of DigiTool Books migration has begun

Questions for ISG:

  • Status of review of Islandora test server

April 30, 2013

Recording of this call: FLVC work this week:

  • otherLogo (demonstration with 250 x 120 pixel images)
    • Specifications have been finalized and configuration from development server will be moved to test server.
  • collection-specific searching options
  • Faceting set-up (demonstration from development server of smaller font and limited headings display).
    • Smaller fonts on faceting and limited headings display accepted for Day 1 in lieu of collection-specific facets.
  • review default site-wide Advanced Search defaults.

Proposed work for next week:


April 23, 2013

Recording of this call:

April 16, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • Tour of current Islandora Test Server features.


April 9, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • FLVC work this week:
    • Setting up Islandora test server
    • Table of Contents discussions
    • Testing Basic Image unattended batch load
    • Work on MODS edit forms
    • Misc. adjustments to displays
  • Books Table of Contents: preferences for displaying structured Table of Contents

April 2, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • FLVC work this week:
    • Setting up Islandora test server
    • Making display/transformation/forms changes in preparation for Testing Cycle 2.
    • Testing Books module: page numbering based on SEQUENCE.
  • Review homework: 17. Miscellaneous Metadata Mapping Questions" in the "Questions for ISG" document
  • 17.b. In above: 245 $h discussion.

March 27, 2013

Recording of this call:

March 19, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • News from DGI:
    • Islandora v7 production release is out
  • FLVC work this week:
    • Islandora v7 is installed on FLVC development server
    • PDF FULL_TEXT testing is completed
    • Actively working on unattended batch ingest

March 12, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • News from DGI:
    • Some code for collection-specific searching written for another client has been provided to FLVC.
    • v7 production release notice "will be sent out later this week"
  • FLVC work this week, primarily on the development server:
    • There are significant enough differences between the test server code and pre-release code on the development server to prevent FLVC from making changes to the test server.
    • Testing new PDF FULL_TEXT enhancement
    • Work on Solr indexing continues
    • Permissions setup being done on development server
  • Review single PDF requirements document:
  • Update on searching/faceting by collection
  • View branding mock-up
  • RT 19347: simple MODS edit form Genre authority


March 5, 2013

Recording of this call:

Proposed agenda:

Homework for next week:

  • Branding and display questions to be sent out for discussion next week.

February 26, 2013

Recording of this call:

February 19, 2013

Recording of this call:

  • An update on Islandora 7 production code:
    • FLVC has the "pre-release" version of the code (production release is expected by March 1) and has started installation.
    • FLVC has added a new team member, Gail Lewis. Gail has years of experience with Solr and will assist with the indexing portion of the project.
  • An update on the ranking spreadsheet:
    • Caitlin is still working on this.
  • DISC authority to make decisions about the project.
  • Testing to date and how to proceed:
    • We will maintain the current version of software on the Islandora test server and extend Testing Cycle 1 until we're ready to install Islandora 7 production code on the test server.


  • Lee will initiate an email thread regarding DISC authority
  • All: continue using the Islandora test server.
  • Caitlin will send out a copy of her features ranking spreadsheet by the end of the week, even if the full spreadsheet is not yet completed.
  • Lydia will post the permissions specifications to and draft sample "user stories".
  • Lydia will share FLVC Islandora testing scripts/checklists with the group as they become available.

February 12, 2013

Recording of this call:


February 5, 2013

Recording of this call:

Follow-up on non-DigiTool inventory for production server sizing:

1. Summary of recent DGI calls:

  • 1/31/2013: A review of upcoming Full Text development. Development to begin Feb. 11.

2. Finalizing the MODS edit element requirements. (

3. Islandora test server: Testing Cycle 1:

4. Homework/action items:

  • 'Sword' development? (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit)
  • survey to prioritize/rank requirements? Posted on the DISC wiki or DISC archives? Post to pubwiki and review by next call to determine how to proceed.
  • public wiki:; please provide feedback
  • put I7t passwords on DISC wiki
  • finalize testing process by next week
  • Lydia: consult w/Barry on testing
  • have NR/R publisher discussion offline
  • Lydia: compare MODS spreadsheet against latest MODS schema. (3.4)
  • please make best effort to indicate size in spreadsheet:
    • due asap so that required storage can be purchased for use through July 1, 2014.

January 29, 2013

Recording of this call:

1. News:

  • Informational presentation re: Islandora for FLVC Members Council meeting Feb. 28-March 1
    • Questions about the role of FLVC Members Council and the new proposed Members Council Digital Initiatives standing committee and how this relates to CSUL and DISC.
  • Updated Islandora development plan:
    • This plan doesn't include a production data loading timeline or detailed information about the cutover to using Islandora in production. Mark S. pointed out that it also doesn't include information about "umbrella" content that has only metadata.
    • A new timeline will be created that includes the milestones necessary for going into production with Islandora.

2. Review of project thus far

  • A brief review of work methods of the ISG and documentation. Resolved: that the public wiki page apparently created by Priscilla for sharing with the Islandora Open Source community would be re-purposed for the FLVC Islandora project. Link:

3. Finalizing the MODS edit element requirements. (

  • Questions about non-standard MODS elements and MODS extensions and how they relate to finalizing MODS elements (e.g., VRA, Darwin, ETD). Lydia will try to obtain more information about the intended implementation of non-standard MODS elements.

4. Discussion an ISG Islandora testing framework.

  • Resolved: the public wiki page will be used to communicate and formalize a testing/sign-off process

5. A brief report on recent DGI calls:

  • The production version of Islandora 7 is currently expected by February 8.

6. Resolved: the ISG call will be a standing call Tuesdays from 1-2pm.


  • ALL: review the MODS elements on and send comments/questions to the listserv prior to the next call so that the required MODS elements can be finalized as soon as possible.
  • Lydia: convert the Islandora pubwiki into a tool for tracking decisions, "homework", schedules, testing, etc. for the Islandora project in an attempt to consolidate and centralize key decisions, schedules, tasks and to make them transparent.

December 18, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Format of Full Description metadata display.

  • Put labels & data on same line.
  • Two column, left justified display like Sobek.
  • Headings should be hotlinks.
  • If a field is repeated, field data should start on a new line, but the label should not be repeated.

2. Mapping from MODS to Dublin Core. See

  • Dublin Core is used only for OAI. This mapping was approved.
  • Derek and others should look at their own data and see if there are other roles or genre/role combinations that should be treated as "Creator" rather than "Contributor".
  • Derek will provide info on his VRA Core extension and how it should be mapped. ISG members with local systems should check whether they are using or need MODS extensions.

3. Preview of new Large Image.

  • ISG liked it! Simple, clean, intuitive.

3. Preview of PDF in summary view.

  • Favenzio changed summary to show the PDF itself, not an image of it. The group liked this. We could add an easy full screen feature like Large Image. It might need some helper text because PDF controls are not intuitively obvious.

4. Next call: Thursday Jan 3 at 11:00?

December 6, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Simple MODS Data Entry form update. Changes:

  • Add Type of Resource
  • Make Note and Language repeatable
  • Removing genre as a subject subdivision was discussed but tabled for later.

2. Review PDF Content Model. See Questions for Islandora Workgroup item #15.

3. PDF Object display revisited (Caitlin)

  • Maybe not have a summary for single objects?
  • Have PDF default to PDF viewer (with branding)?
  • Need to revisit this later...

4. What do we want for Search?

    • Basic (Google-like) and Advanced, or just one Search?
      • 2 options
    • If just one Search, should it be Basic or Advanced?
      • not applicable
    • If there is Basic and Advanced, should full text be included in Basic?
      • give option of including or excluding full text in Basic.
      • include full text in Basic if relevance ranking works well

5. Name for our own Islandora system. Floradora?

6. Next meeting dates

  • Tuesday December 18 at 11:00

November 27, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Unattended batch, a few answers. Back to item #14 on


3. PDF Object display (Caitlin)

  • make PDF in a frame - Caitlin will talk to Favenzio about making a new "Read PDF" tab with <embed> tag??
  • keep the metadata tab
  • move the download link to the top & capitalize PDF

4. MODS Simple Data Entry Form. Updated spec at: - put Alternative Title with Title in a collapsible block - add "continuing resource" to Issuance - move Issuance to Origin Info - use a text field rather than a select list for Identifier type - put Subject and Geographic Subject in a collapsible block - need a future discussion on Coordinates - Mark will send NDNP METS

5. Next meetings: December 6 at 11:00?

November 6, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Return of the Unattended Batch spec Our response to your review comments. See item number 14 on

2. Next meetings: November 15 at 11:00, November 27 at 1:00?

November 1, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Update since last meeting

Lots of activity but little to report. Still working on setting up test (Islandora7t) for you all to test. Upgraded code for Basic Image and Form Builder in development. Doing much testing. Still waiting for DGI to release the remaining Solution Packs in version 7. They claim to have made progress implementing our MARC requirements but we haven't seen anything yet.

We have done a first pass review of your comments and suggestions about the Unattended Batch requirements, but have scheduled a second meeting on this later today. We won't be able to get back to you with our response until next meeting.

2. Review search results and browse results. (Caitlin)

Caitlin showed current Search and Browse results. The group liked the way Search looks, with labeled metadata. They also liked the four items of metadata (Title, Date, Description, Creator). Caitlin noted the spec also has Identifier. Dean pointed out problems with users understanding Date. Priscilla noted that Description won't map well from MODS. Decision: accept this as the general look and feel, refine metadata after we start working with MODS>

The group agreed that Browse results should look like Search results. Favenzio will start working on this.

3. Related images. (Priscilla) See mockup at bottom of issue #7 on Results of discussion are noted on the document.

4. Quick question about derived images. (Priscilla) See new question #3 at the bottom of issue # 10 on Results of discussion are noted on the document.

5. Full MODS edit form. (Priscilla)

If a MODS element is not in the form, staff will not be able to input it into Islandora. If there is a MARC record converted to MODS, fields that don't map to elements in the form will be dropped. Is this ok?

We want to include all the MODS elements we are likely to need, but not every single one or the form will be impossibly long. Is this the right set?

Should we update this spreadsheet with the MODS elements NOT included?

ISG will ponder these between meetings and we'll talk about it again.

6. Next meetings = November 6 at 11:00, November 15 at 11:00.

October 23, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Update since last meeting

DGI have not released any other Solution Packs for Islandora 7. They did make a new I7 version of the Form Builder available for creating metadata entry and display forms. We are installing that now.

Coding for Basic Image ingest has been completed and is being tested. When we're done testing we will push out to Islandora7t. Coding for Basic Image migration from DigiTool to Islandora is also in test. Coding for Large Image Migration from DigiTool is in process. Preliminary work has been done on Unattended Batch Ingest and coding will start after ISG review of the specification. Work on permissions continues and there is now a site-wide policy in place that limits an operator with submitter privileges to editing his/her own submissions.

2. Review Unattended Batch spec

3. Next meeting = November 1 at 11:00.

October 11, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Update since last meeting

DISC got an update yesterday, so we'll skip this unless there are questions.

2. Review Basic Image display. (Caitlin)

  • Caitlin showed Basic Image views not logged in, and logged in.

-- The group preferred a smaller font, and having labels and data on the same line, in columns. Caitlin noted that the Theme determines a lot of this, like font size, and recommended waiting to do detailed theming work. The group agreed but wanted to note their preferences (noted). -- Mark questioned the label "Summary" and preferred "Image". Caitlin noted that other types of materials like Books might have other brief displays and we shouldn't pick a term for the tab until we know what they all look like. -- Mark also noted that none of the pieces of metadata were linked, and asked if they could be. Everyone agreed linking is really important. Favenzio said this will require coding. We will raise this with DGI and add it to the project plan. -- Mark also noted the logon box on all screens takes up a lot of real estate. The login box can be made into a tab or moved down, but that column is more-or-less reserved real estate, because depending on the context, facets and other information will display there.

  • There was consensus on the general framework, given what we know now.

3. Review Search Results display

  • Caitlin noted that the search box is movable, right now it just happens to be on top in the theme we are using.

-- Right now the Search box is named "Search". Lee preferred "Search the collection" or something more clear. -- The list of fields in the drop-down is customizable, but to have a search "all" will take SOLR programming. -- Clicking on title or on the thumbnail will take you to the full display. Priscilla asked if it bothered anybody that the Title on the brief display takes you to the full item; people might expect it to be a search link. It didn't bother anyone. -- There are list and table views, but grid is ugly, we've done no work on it. -- On the left is a list of fields you can sort on, and the group should decide which fields to offer. Favenzio noted that title and identifier do not work in Sort right now but can be fixed. -- Facets will be a phase II item, as decided earlier. -- Katie didn't think we needed the table view, but Lee thought table view was useful because more items will display on the first page in that view. Derek agreed table is good for staff and wanted to be able to click a button to export the table as Excel or CSV. Caitlin demonstrated the "Download complete result set". It was agreed we'll keep and clean up the table. -- The shopping cart functionality is more involved. There will be a new Islandora module released for shopping cart. Implementing that here is on the project plan but it will be a while. -- Favenzio asked if we want search and browse results to be the same. Currently for search results we've agreed on Title, Date, Creator and Identifier for search results. Derek though search and browse should be the same. Mark noted Description can get lengthy and is not as clean as other fields. The group agreed that having search and browse display the same fields is a good starting point, and can be revised later if contra-indicated. So anything we add to the Search we should add to the Browse results. Favenzio will change the Search and leave Browse as is, so next week we can compare. -- There was a question whether staff logged on could see fields (maybe pid) that anonymous users don't see. We agreed this could be left for later.

  • Caitlin and Favenzio will start investigating phase II items once they make changes that came up today.

3. Discussion of full MODS edit form. (Priscilla)

4. Next meetings: Tuesday 10/23 at 11:00 (NOTE TIME CHANGE!) and Thursday 11/1 at 11:00.

September 13, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Update since last meeting

(DISC got an update yesterday, so I think we can skip this, unless there are questions.)

2. Display prototypes. See

3. What happens an object is updated? See item #13.

4. When Basic Image jpeg is created from a submitted TIFF, what should the resolution of the derived jpeg be? Derek: If we don't have certainty about rights of item, we go by fair use. Uses 800 px for long side; could go up to 1024. (Remember, this is for Basic Image, not JP2.)

NOTE: Staff and authorized researchers need access to JP2, only question is should the system store it or generate it on the fly.

5. Next meetings: September 25 at 2:00, October 11 at 11:00 = OK

September 4, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Update since last meeting.

We had another call with DGI which centered on how to designate owning and submitting institutions for use in permissions, statistics and branding. We had previously written a requirements document and they had sent us a suggested plan, which was discussed in the meeting and is now being revised. We also had some discussion of the task of MARC support, and of PDF handling.

Two new instances of Islandora were created: Islandora7t and Islandora7d. 7t will be the test instance for ISG, and 7d will be the development instance for the project staff. These are being configured with basic permissions (Susan Submitter, etc) and with the 3 Drupal sites: PALMM, NCF and FAU.

The summary project plan was sent to Dean Zimmerman for distribution to CSUL. You can see it at

2. Display (Caitlin).

See items 10 & 11 in

3. Next meetings: September 13 at 11:00, September 25 at 2:00

August 23, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Update since last meeting.

Islandorat has been upgraded to 6.12.2 -- note the IA Book Reader in the Book Collection.

We had a call with DGI on 8/16 and have another scheduled this afternoon. Major topics of the 8/16 call were

  • their short term plans for adding functionality to version 7
    • adding Book, Large Image and PDF Solution Packs
    • finishing Formbuilder
    • adding shopping basket
    • writing documentation
    • editorial workflow (submission-moderation-publication) for IR SP
  • how to designate owning and submitting institutions so they can be used for permissions, statistics, and branding
    • This discussion will continue on today's call

We had a two day meeting with Favenzio Calvo and Chuck Birmingham from FSU, who will be working on the Islandora project. We did an overview of the project requirements, a review of Islandora components and tools, and a detailed review of the project plan. Favenzio will work on coding changes to the user interface, and Chuck will work on SOLR indexing. Jamie asked about how FIU developers could be integrated into the project. Developers are sharing a git repository and working on islandorad. They communicate via an email list and through Skype.

2. Revised project plan to be submitted to CSUL. It is nearly complete, and was reviewed by the group.

3. Final approval of spec for the Simple Data Entry form at Approved.

4. Review of single image content models. See item #10 on Some new requirements emerged from the discussion. Comments are noted on that document.

5. Next meetings: Caitlin will lead discussion of display for search results lists and collection browse lists.

August 14, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Update since last meeting.

Islandora version 7 (beta) is installed and working on a local server but there isn't much there: only Basic Image has been ported to v.7. Islandorat is scheduled to be upgraded to the latest version 6 (6.12.2) today (Tuesday) starting at 5:00.

2. Set next meeting dates.

Thursday Aug 23 at 11:00 and Tues Sept 4 at 2:00.

3. A question about what to carry over from other systems when objects are migrated. See item #9 on Notes from the discussion are on the google doc. We'll give the people not on this call a chance to look at it and comment.

4. Review the spec for the Simple Data Entry form at

This is based on the requirements document we put together earlier, but has more detail and a few changes to support the Metadata and Access Guidelines (

Everyone has been asked to review the Simple Data Entry form spec (involving your catalogers/metadata people as appropriate) and get back to me with questions, problems, etc by a week from today (8/21/12). Thanks!

5. Joanne reported on the Cooperative Curation Symposium and Workshop hosted by the Gallileo Knowledge Repository. They have a discovery layer similar to what we want to do with PALMM; items have institutional but not collection branding in this layer. [Joanna, correct me if I've got this wrong.] When you click on a hit you get taken to the object in the individual institution's repository. We should look at this as a possible model.

There was also a copyright session. FSU had a good copyright statement. Emory is developing an open source tool based on SHERPA-ROMEO to help depositors create a good rights statement. This could be relevant when we get to adding IR functionality to Islandora, which is late in the project because we hope to capitalize on work in progress at UPEI.

6. There is a public Islandora wiki where we are putting all known Islandora implementations and development. See

August 1, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Update since last meeting

Not much to report - Priscilla has been mostly out and now Caitlin and Randy are at Islandora camp. We did send our first requirements document to DGI, and installed the most current version of Islandora 6 on the development server. It does not appear to be on the server.

2. Architectural assumptions

The diagram at was discussed. Major points:

  • There should be a discovery layer over all content. That could possibly be PALMM. Records explicitly suppressed and records with no links to content would be excluded.
  • The discovery layer could be OAI-harvested, but some institutions want their content full-text indexed, so submitting content must be an option.
  • Some DLoC participants want their content to be only in DLoC, although most of the subgroup felt they ought to make it available. Possibly branding would help. This is a DLoC policy issue and the next DLoC board meeting is not for 10 months. (No resolution to this.)
  • Everyone liked the idea of a shared user database for all Drupal sites.
  • The question of how to determine what content appears in any given site raised some policy issues. Could NCF, which has no items in PRISM, add PRISM content to the NCF site? Could they add PRISM content and call it something else? Could they add PRISM content to an existing collection of their own? These issues were referred to the subgroup on policy.
  • Branding will be for institution and collection by default. If you want different or additional branding (e.g. for a funder, like NEH) you should be able to add icons to the object, which would then override (not add to) the default icons. I.e. if the default branding is UF and DLoC, and you want to add NEH, you would specify three icons: UF, DLOC and NEH. If the default branding is UF and FHP and you want to show FGS instead, you would supply two icons: UF and FGS.

July 17, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Report on kickoff call with DGI

2. Review of Sobek data entry form

July 10, 2012

Recording of this call:

1. Any feedback on local test system? Not much. Some people did try the sandbox at

2. Status of project plan

  • There will be a kickoff call with DGI on 7/17 that may change the plan substantially.
  • Priscilla will resend invitations to Zoho because not everyone got theirs.

3. Reminder of action items

  • Everyone reminded. Mark working on UF.

4. MODS metadata for Large Image Content Model

June 26, 2012

1. Status of local test system

2. Status of project plan

3. Questions for the group:

  • numbers #6 & #7

4. Regular meeting schedule?

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