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The Excel to MODS Transformer Service

work in progress

To assist users in creating descriptive metadata for digital objects, FLVC has developed an Excel to MODS Transformer Service. This is a web-based service that enables users to upload an Excel spreadsheet, created from a standardized template, and returns a zipped file MODS XML files suitable for loading into Islandora via the zip loader function.

Templates are available from the links below. Column headers highlighted in red are required. Column headers highlighted in blue are repeatable.


  • Column headers may not be modified
  • All columns must be of the format text prior to data entry. (Dates in particular can appear correct but will be misinterpreted by the Transformer if they are not in the format "text".)
  • Any column can be deleted.
  • Repeatable columns can be repeated as many times as necessary
  • Column order of title/title-nonsort and name*/role/date may not be modified, as the order of appearance is the only way to determine which sub-elements should be grouped together, e.g., which date should be grouped with which name element.
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